Over the years I spent studying at Liberty University, and since my formal education has concluded, I've had several opportunities to make promotional content for companies and school organizations. Featured below is some of my more corporate content.

Emerging Moda

At Emerging Moda, in Baltimore MD, I learned about branding for a small business that focused on helping fashion designers with their branding. I was in charge of editing videos for the companies Youtube channel.

Q/A's with Briana

Faceless Films

Faceless Films is a small but mighty production company. I had the pleasure of mixing the audio for their first short film.



After Curfew

After Curfew is Liberty University's late night show. I had the opportunity to edit some of their content during my senior year.

AC Skit- Unable To Connect

After Curfew Promo

Clean Valley Council

The CVC is a non profit organization based near the Roanoke River, which is fitting since their primary focus is river health. I had the opportunity to make them some elementary level educational content.

Stream School