Over the years I spent studying at Liberty University, I had several opportunities to make promotional content for companies and school organizations. Featured below is some of my more corporate content.

Emerging Moda

At Emerging Moda, in Baltimore MD, I learned about branding for a small business that focused on helping fashion designers with their branding. I was in charge of editing videos for the companies Youtube channel.

Q/A's with Briana

Faceless Films

Faceless Films is a small but mighty production company. I had the pleasure of mixing the audio for their first short film.



After Curfew

After Curfew is Liberty University's late night show. I had the opportunity to edit some of their content during my senior year.

AC Skit- Unable To Connect

After Curfew Promo

Clean Valley Council

The CVC is a non profit organization based near the Roanoke River, which is fitting since their primary focus is river health. I had the opportunity to make them some elementary level educational content.

Stream School


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